A Part of Apart

Enviable Leaves

“So you see! Usually students are bored! Because they are not able to EXPERIENCE what they are learning! With this! You can see! Students become engaged! You can bring them out to see the design! Architecture! History! D&T! Art! Language!” …

Slowly, I allowed his voice to fade into the background.

Maybe it was the fact that we had already engaged this vendor for our learning journeys for the past 2 years, but the higher-ups (and I mean the really really HIGH UPs) apparently decided that every teacher in every school needs to go through this, regardless of subject or grade.

Maybe it was the fact that it IS our short holiday break, and we had already spent 2 full days on training.

Maybe it was the fact that the sun was becoming warmer, and we (all teachers) we standing by the side of the river, not under any substantial shade.

I looked up, and I envied the leaves of the tree.

A part of this world, yet apart enough.

And his voice still went on.


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