Quiet Times – 1/20

Friends, if you’re wondering how am I able to update this blog from a remote Indian village (which, by the way, HAS internet access, except that there are only about 10 computers to be shared among thousands), I have scheduled posts 🙂

Over the next 20 days, posts which I have written over the past few weeks will appear on a daily basis (because I have scheduled them so).

Like the cat who sits on her owner’s blankets when her owner is away, you could come and sit on my blog if you miss me too much >.<


Because I have gone away to seek physical and mental silence, I thought the theme “Quiet Times” might be suitable for the next 20 days.

Pictures from Quaver the Golden Half camera.

Taken between October and November 2012, when I tried to seek silence on this urban island, and capture moments of it.



Somewhere I’d always rather be.

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