Eat Pray Love

One woman’s journey for self-discovery in 3 different countries.

Italy was refreshing, India was rather controversial, and Bali was, for lack of a better word, exotic.

Though I felt the book had overly self-centered and whiny overtones at times, the writing is, on the whole, elegant, and the plot well-structured. Elizabeth Gilbert’s self-deprecating humor also added much vitality to her narratives.
At points throughout the book,  found myself asking: What would I do IF I could take a year off every commitment I have, and spend 4 months in 3 different countries? What would I want to learn? Who would I want to meet?

I could feel my heart beat faster in response. Venice would be nice. So would India, definitely. Bali? Maybe not. Perhaps Japan! Or, Chiangmai. Ahh yes… Chiangmai.

Images of myself wandering down idyllic foreign streets, with no one but my trusty camera and notebook, striking up conversations with (safe-looking) strangers as and when I feel like talking (which probably won’t be very much), sitting by the beach in solitude, watching the sun set in different parts of the world, waking up to days without any fixed itinerary…

Yes, I can see myself doing that. Someday.

And yes, I now know why I felt the book had “overly self-centered and whiny overtones”.


PS: I loved Julia Roberts in the movie.

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