Piano Burning

I know, I was initially horrified that there are people who would think of such an act as art, but it is apparently a “beautiful way for the piano to die”, as the lecturer in charge of this performance told us.

And when I think of it that way, it is true. As opposed to simply being chucked into the junkyard as most old pianos would be, and eventually burned in the incinerator, the piano at least has a chance to “perform” one more time before it joins the elements. And the score did mandate that all pianos used in the performances has to be “beyond repair”.


Today, Everyday.

“You have been here, you don’t know since when. You have never been born and you are not going to die, because to die means from someone you suddenly became no one. From something, you suddenly became nothing. Nothing is like that. Even when you burn a piece of cloth, it will not become nothing. It will become the heat that penetrates into the cosmos. It will become smoke that rises into the sky to become part of a cloud. it will become some ash that falls to the ground that may manifest tomorrow as a leaf, a blade of grass, or a flower. So there is only continuation.”

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Central Dancers

On a cold and rainy spring morning, music started playing from nowhere, and two seemingly random people got together and started dancing in the middle of the concourse of Sydney’s Central Station.

I only managed to catch the last part of their dance, following which they ended abruptly and fled to different exits of the station, without even taking a bow to their makeshift audience, leaving gaping mouths and amused expressions.

It turned out to be an advertisement of sorts. I didn’t get one of the cards the guy threw all over the floor as I was in a hurry to catch my (once every hour) train.

But creative stuff indeed.

Everything in its Time


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