Before The Mum Came

In usual backdated style, this entry is about the cafe I visited right before I went to the airport to meet Mum, but at this time of posting, she is 2 days away from leaving.

One and a half weeks has zoomed past, leaving us with the eternal question: Where has the time gone?!

This visit has been largely toned-down, with us staying indoors when the weather got too cold, just chilling around the house and in malls nearby. Though I am looking forward to having my solitude again, I guess I will also miss her presence, as always.

But in slightly more than 4 months, it will be Summer, and I will be home for the holidays:)


Your Mind Is Exactly At That Line

If you are simply someone following a set of instructions to produce something which, according to modern terminology, is defined as art, are you really an artist?

Sol Lewitt believes in the idea and concept of art, more than the process, the end-product, and possibly more than the ego of the person who produces the art work.

When I read this letter encased inside the glass display, from Lewitt to one of his close correspondents in Australia, I felt identified with him immediately.

“I don’t know about doing too many shows in Australia. I would prefer to do a wall drawing for your office and one for each of the museums in Sydney and Melbourne… I don’t want to do any lectures or parties, dinners and too much social stuff.

I wanted to grab the curator of the room and say to him: “Look! He doesn’t want the social stuff! I can totally understand him! Art for the sake of art, nothing of the other peripheral things like social gatherings and obligations! I can totally understand!!”

Of course I did not.  I simply smiled to myself, took a picture, and left the room, silently consoled that I know of one more soul on this planet who needs solitude in order for full expression to be achieved.

Paper Plane Cafe

There is something about the idea of a paper plane which evokes whimsical thoughts and aspirations in me.

The paper place might not last long. The paper plane might not travel far. The paper plane might be destroyed even before it takes its first look at the sky.

But the paper plane, on its own, is innocent. Is full of potential. Is ready to go anywhere and experience anything.

And that is why I love what a paper plane can symbolize.

Everything in its Time


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