Autumn in Leura

It’s only mid-April, but some trees already look more than ready for winter. Even though I sometimes feel totally chilled to the bone by the cold air (and I know it’ll only get colder), I love experiencing and living in these different seasons, a testament to nature’s wonderful ways and timing.

(I just hope I still think the same way when it’s in the middle of winter)

The Streets of Leura

Despite some tourist hoards, the place still managed to maintain her quiet charm and dignity, winning my heart almost immediately. Can’t help but imagine what it’ll be like to live in a village like this. Urban, yet away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the only crowds you’d see coming from the tourist buses or train station.








I Cannot Understand.

A few days ago, I decided to make a trip to the village of Leura, situated in the higher altitudes of the Blue Mountains.

According to Google, morning temperatures can get quite chilly, ranging from 7 to 15 degrees. Hence, I was decked out in some winter garb:

And most people I saw in the village were wearing coats and scarves as well… Though their coats didn’t look as thick as mine, and not many people wore coats AND scarves together. I guess I’m just not as thick-skinned >.<


But what I cannot understand is…

In open-air. With the wind blowing against our faces. Cold. Less than 18 Degrees. I simply cannot.


Anyway. More pictures from Leura Village soon :)

I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced

Despite a rather “hmmm…” starting, I got absorbed into the book quite quickly, and finished it within half a day.

“You must be strong, because it may take some time.”

“How much time?”

“Don’t think about that right now. Tell yourself that the hardest part is over. The hardest part was having the strength to escape, and you carried that off beautifully.”

In a country where half its girls are married off to men twice or thrice their age before they’ve even reached puberty, it took the voice and courage of one girl, barely 10, to try to end it all.

And although the ball is still rolling, it hasn’t stopped, and at least we have hope to believe that someday, it will.

Barfi // Vivah

Watched 2 Bollywood films recently, through the magic and convenience of YouTube. After a dry spell, I think I’ve rekindled my love for this culture and genre of films. The music, song, dance – all so magical! The romantic escapist in me is satisfied.


Story about a mute and deaf man, and 2 women in his life – one of them with autism. The film is a true work of art in the aspect of communication without words.


Reviews didn’t treat this movie too kindly, describing it as lacking in any plot or storyline, making it more documentary than film-like. But for some reason, I sat through the whole 2 and a half hours, captivated by the very mundaneness of the characters’ lives and relationship development (not forgetting the music and vocals which were superb!). And there was a little climax at the end after all, which made me feel slightly rewarded :)


I love Bollywood.

Everything in its Time


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